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Multi-Tagging Example - Part 2

Michael stopped briefly in the hall as the other students milled passed him between classes. The general din of dozens of conversations washed past him as his eyes fell on Sarah Morris. For the first time in a while she was finally alone at her locker rummaging around for books for her next few classes . Michael took a deep breath and waded through the crowd until he got up close enough to say something to her finally.

Sarah managed to get her books in hand and then Lisa and Michelle appeared on either side of her. Sarah looked on either side of her and she noticed Lisa had a smiley far away look to her, while Michelle looked slightly upset.

"When I get my hands on Brad," Michelle fumed and then turned to Sarah. "So about this weekend..."

The words died into the background as she saw Michael move close. She turned slightly towards him.

Michael's mouth opened briefly as Sarah looked at him, and then his mouth snapped shut when he saw her two friends with her. He turned to move away quickly, three steps later though in his haste, his feet met another mysterious foot and he went to the ground sprawling.

Sarah's eyes went wide and her hand went to her mouth for a moment before she moved over to where he was quickly. She kneeled beside him and placed her books on the ground beside her.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asked in a concerned tone.

<tag Michael>

"Let's get you up then." Sarah attempted a smile at him.

<Take it from here Michael. Depending on how you want to play this I can help you up or not>