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Deena Vasco

Position:Heavy Equipment Operator

Birthplace: Athens

Affiliation: Independance

Age: 34

Born into a small farm outside a town called Toledo in Athens, Deena was the youngest of five children and the only girl. Her mother passed away when she was four years old and it was up to her father to raise her. Deena's brothers helped, of course, but they didn't know much about raising a girl...neither did their father. Icarus Vasco did the best he could under the circumstances, though. He raised a daughter like he raised his boys; he taught them to work hard and defend themselves and their land; they taught them good values and that family is above all things, and he hoped for the best.

Deena's upbringing was a happy one despite the difficult life they led. It involved a lot of work and little money but she never had many complains. She attended a local school and studied some but not much. Deena didn't have much patience for schooling despite her intelligence and quick wit but she learned a few skills and was happy to be a hands on kind of person. She also dated a little like every girl but Deena wasn't into long lasting relationships. She was very independent and strong willed.

When she wasn't working at the family farm, Deena could be found at a bar in Toledo. It was the place to go for most of the farmers and small businesses owners of the region. They got drinks, played cards and talk freely about their work, their families and the growing intervention of the Alliance in the daily activities. Like Deena and her family, most of them didn't care for the Alliance getting in the middle of how things were done in Athens.

In 2506 when the coalition of Independent Colonies was formed Deena and her brothers joined up. They were some of the first volunteers in Athens. The chance of a war was very likely and the Independents began to train their army. Deena joined an infantry company and began a series of training under a sergeant named: Caleb Western. Caleb taught his soldiers everything he knew and he led his company into many battles during the course of the Unification War.

Deena left Athens in 2507 and it would be years before she would be able to return home. She was in Verbena and Hera that year, fighting Alliance forces on the ground. In the next couple of years, Deena would participate in several other battles and lose many comrades. The war was something she wouldn't be able to wipe from her mind ever again. Her hatred from the Alliance grew after every gunfire and only got worse when in 2510 she lost two of her brothers during the Siege of Du Khang.

In 2511, Deena was sent with her company to Hera and found herself in the middle of one of the last and bloodiest battles of the war. She was shot in her thigh and suffered for weeks until peace accords were signed on Verbena. and Medical aid was finally sent in to the survivors.

Staff Sergeant Deena Vasco was back home in Athens in late may of 2511 with a medal. The farm was practically in ruins after Alliance soldiers raided the homes of browncoat soldiers in the region. They burned what they didn't take. Deena's only surviving brother also returned home and joined his father to help rebuild. She helped out the best way she could but after six months it became clear Deena couldn't stay there.

She set off to the black, working several jobs until she joined her old war buddy Gunny Caleb Western in his bounty hunter firm. The money was good and they kept moving which was something Deena had become accostumated of. They took jobs for the Alliance sometimes which Deena didn't like but when browncoats were involved they usualy failed or helpd the target to go into hiding before they claimed to have failed. It was something small but it kept Deena happy. She enjoyed screwing over the Alliance. Most of the jobs were legit, though, and they had a good reputation. Deena sent most of her paycheck to her father back in Athens to help in the farm. She couldn't be a farmer anymore but she wouldn't forget her origins, never.

In 2518, after three years working with Caled, Deena decided it was time to move on. The real reason for her to leave a profitable job with a lot of freedom for the uncertainly of the life in the black is not something she discloses. Deena simply claims it was time to change.

Deena's a determined and resilient woman with a cool demeanor and a dry sense of humor. She doesn't seem very friendly at first sight but that's due to her own tendency to be cautious around people she doesn't know. It's something she learned over the years.

She's the type of person to give her loyalty to few people but once they earn her trust she'll always be there for them. Deena is not afraid of taking a bullet or even dying for someone she trusts, someone she cares about.

Deena won't admit betrayal and she doesn't make a habit of giving people a second chance. She's not very forgiven. Deena's a rational person and almost never makes decisions based on emotion. She's not cold but practical and sometimes abrasive.

Deena is a fighter, a skilled one but above all she's a survivor. She knows how to adjust to a new situation quickly and make the best out of it. She's rarely caught with her guard down. Deena pays attention to detail and a great sense of awareness. She's an expert in close combat techniques, making her an important asset in a fight. She might not look all that imposing but underestimating her abilities is a mistake people make often and that Deena likes to take advantage of...specially during a fight. Deena is also well versed in weapons handling and is an excellent shot. As a soldier, she was trained to be swift, silent and deadly.