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Cortex Access

Welcome to the database. This area is essentially going to house what amounts to all of the in character information that the characters have access to for the most part, or information that they have found that I have put up here for a reference. This section can get updated out of the blue with a ton of stuff but there will generally be an announcement that the database has been altered with new stuff.

Below you will find information concerning the ship, and specific sections that should be covered about the ship itself. There is also a section concerning vehicles that the Fading Sun's crew will have run into. The equipment section should show a list of common pieces of equipment that might be of interest to people, and the weaponry section will detail any weapons that should be kept handy. Below is also a map of space and information on the planets should the crew need the info. Last but not least are some Chinese terms and such that could be used in the story as needed. This part of the site is rather image and PDF intensive. Please made sure that not only can you view PDF's properly through your browser in order to see some of what is going on here, but also that you can see popups.

Some of the information here was obtained from to make things a tad bit easier for everyone involved. If there is anything that should be added or altered by all means do not hesitate to contact me and I can make any alterations or additions to the lists here. This is not an exhaustive and exact list. Just doing my best to provide reference materials for us to be able to use.