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Welcome to the Administration Section of the web site. Here you will find all the links necessary for the day to day administration of the story, site, and the characters. If there are any questions, concerns, or need for anything to be added or altered do not hesitate to contact me.

Below you will notice various sections that you can browse to. The Rules section will give the base rules and regulations for people's interactions within the story. Posting link will show the general rules concerning the posting convention that will be used for the story at large. FAQ link will show a general list of questions that I have been asked before, and questions that I think might be useful to help people understand a few things about our story. Characters link will show the rules on creating a character to be used within the story at large, what will not really be accepted, and even more to the point if there are any openings within the story at large. The Application link will show the form that you should fill out for entry into the story. This link may or may not actually be activated based on whether or not there are positions available to be filled. Last but not least is the Contact Information section which will give you methods to be able to contact me.