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The Crew travel to Santos to do a job for one of the underworld's new heavy hitters.

Welcome to Fading Sun

When I had first laid eyes upon her, she was a lifeless wreck that was barely worth looking at. Her name was something that just rolled off the tongue I thought. But with the end of one thing, there is always invariably a beginning of another. I think that she was a labour of love really. I mean out of all the wrecks you could rebuild and prop up, someone chose her to bring back from the ashes. Like the Phoenix she rose from her own pyre, and when I stepped onto her bridge for the first time I had a feeling. A chill went down my spine as I felt at the center of a vortex, a maelstrom of events where she was the fulcrum, the nexus if you will of grand events that would begin, and end with her. Then it was all gone and I was standing on a bridge with techs all around me, and an Admiral asking once more what she should be called. There was only one name for her I replied, and the Indie was reborn.

-Captain Michael Harris; Personal Log

Welcome to the chronicles of the Fading Sun. This is a play by email story that is set in the Firefly universe as created by Joss Whedon. In this story we will be exploring our own take on the Firefly experience using an original cast, and an original ship, with cameos made by some more memorable faces within the Firefly Universe. The year is 2518. Make yourself at home here and either follow the story with us, or if there is an opening, by all means join forces with the ship and her crew and help us tell the story of the Fading Sun.

To the left you will find everything you will need to navigate through the site. Admin will contain all of the essential rules and regulations for general conduct, to posting, character creation and development, and even our audition process. The characters section contains the main characters of our story and all supporting cast that they have run into in their journeys. The Cortex tab will hold the database of anything that I or the writers may feel is important to reference for telling the story. The story tab will house the completed episodes of the story as I put them together and get them onto the site. Then we have the links section containing anything and everything that might be fun and/or of use. Enjoy your stay and welcome to The Fading Sun.

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This site is designed for entertainment purposes only, all references, materials, and images are used to enjoy the story and are not meant to infringe on any copy writing. Firefly is a 20th Century Fox production and are all rights reserved by them. We have no ties with them and are not affiliated with them in any way. If there are any problems with the site, concerns, or kudos please do not hesitate to contact me through the email link below.