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Welcome to the links part of the show Below you will find multiple links that have either provided some form of help to the site, have something to do with the site, or are just neat. If you think that something should be included here links wise, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can see what we can get done. Without further ado here are some of the links that we are featuring.

  • Fading Sun IC Posting Lists : There you will find the link to the main posting group to the story. Lurkers are welcome but expect restrictions to apply regarding you access to being able to post here.
  • Fading Sun OOC Posting Lists : There you will find the OOC lists where we talk about anything from plans and plots within the story, to nonsensical babble.
  • : This is the website where you will find a forum that discusses everything that you can imagine about Firefly, the Firefly RPG, and it is where the ship design comes from, and also a ton of other stuff in the background that you guys don't see the wizard doing behind the curtain.
  • : This is a neat site with resources for the Firefly RPG itself. Contains some neat PDF's like our weapons lists being used, Chinese slang, etc etc.
  • Firefly And Serenity Database : An interesting Wiki put together that has a ton of neat data to be used for the series itself. I used this to kind of give a bit of structure to the verse, but the site contains so much more neato stuff.