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Juliet Ashcroft

Rated as one of the verse's top poker players and one of the handfull of people to have earned the title of Poker Champion within the core's poker circuit. Juliet is a media darling that is known for routinely making the money table, and is one of the top five money winners within the circuit over the last few years running. When the season is finished, she is often on the Fading Sun, and she tends to set up big money games outside of the core where ever the ship stops. She barely breaks even outside of the core, but she likes the reality of the game out there where there is no cameras, no posturing, and no weird fans to worry about. It is only the game, pure and simple.

She is a friendly and warm personality and is generous with her time and what resources she can manage to scrounge together on short notices. She is known as being a straight shooter both in the real world, and in a poker game. She has never cheated at cards, and truth be told, she doesn't need to. She keeps a record of players that she considers cheaters or just bad sports, and marks them much like a companion's black mark on their registry. When the invites go out for the events that she sponsors when the Fading Sun touches down on a planet, people on her black mark ledger obviously will not be allowed into the event. Considering her celebrity in the sport, it is a social event for those who play when she sets up these events. Not being invited when you are a player is an obvious message to all other players of the game. The captain and her seem to have a long history. It is not known exactly what that history is, but it is fairly evident for the crew that have been around for a while that he does enjoy her company on the ship, she has run of the ship unlike most 'passengers', and he tends to give her a lot of latitude to her requests.