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Deck 1


[29] The bridge seems too large for the ship. This is because many of the war-time systems have been stripped out (and sold off to re-equip the ship), including the forward gunnery positions.

The stairs lead down to the mid-deck and the area around here contains lifepods [16] for the bridge crew, together with a small wc.

Rear of here is the Captains office [17], where he formally entertains guests, and carries out the paper work needed for the ship. Behind here are the Captains quarters [30], slightly better than the passengers quarters and refitted at the same time.

Originally housing the war-time missile systems, this area has been converted into a lounge area [33]. The port side is an exercise area with a large cortex screen for movies. On the starboard side are two more secured cargo areas [35]. One of these [34] is designed to hold valuable cargos belonging to guests.

[31]  Shuttle. Fading Sun carries a fairly standard (and larger) shuttle than originally carried.

[32] Shuttle compartment: Simply an airlock that connects to the rear hatch of the shuttle, an air-locked lift descends down to the next deck and another manual hatch accesses the dorsal hull.

Note:   Below the shuttle dock, now covered over, is a simple lock that connected the shuttles lower lock with the mid-deck. Still working, it would require removal of ceiling panels to access and is locked to the Captains command.