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Deck 3


[1] Cargo Airlock:

Cargo Hatch (Outer): The Fading Sun has an extendable cargo airlock, allowing it to forward dock with all standard commercial (and most private) commercial airlocks. The hatch itself is a standard swing over arrangement allowing maximum use to be made of the hatch width.

Cargo Hatch (Inner): An inner hatch provides additional pressurisation security between the Cargo hold and the outer hull.

Cargo Airlock. The space between the two Cargo hatches provides an airlock space. A lift, and set of stairs (both security protected) lead from here to the Mid-deck. As a separate area, this means that the main cargo deck can be pressurised, or refrigerated, separately, whilst still allowing crew to access/exit the ship.

[2] Forward Cargo:

This area normally houses most bulk cargo. Fading Sun carries a hover mule and this is normally stored, via cable hoist, in an area just behind the starboard lift. A crane hoist system allows for the easy movement of cargo within the hold itself. Controls for both of these systems are located on the gantry, steps to which are located on the port side of the cargo deck. This gantry leads, at second deck height, around the port edge of the Tianxie cargo decks. A double airlock gives it access into the rear cargo area, where it continues to another airlock, which gives it access into the passenger compartment. Another set of steps leads down into the rear cargo area.

[3] Airlock: The main accessway between the Forward and Rear cargo bays is double hatched, allowing for depressurisation of one, but not the other.

[4] Rear Cargo: Another double height deck. Part of the rear cargo area now houses the passenger compartment. Access to that is at this level. A set of steps leads up to the gantry.

[5] Passenger Compartment, lower level: A single hatch leads from the lower Rear Cargo deck and enters into a small lounge area. On the port side is a small medbay [6], backed up with a bathroom/shower, and a secured dispensary unit. A set of stairs [8] leads up to the next level. The starboard side contains one double-berth passenger cabin [7], equipped for disabled access.

Cargo Deck, Upper Level

[9] Gantry. This metal decking goes around the entire port side of the cargo hold, allowing easy control of the overhead crane whilst moving cargo.

[10]  Airlock. Connecting the forward and rear cargo levels, this independent airlock allows easy movement between the holds when the main cargo hatches are locked down. The locks are, like all others, keypad operated.

[11] Rear Cargo Access. The gantry allows access to an airlock that connects into the passenger compartment, and stairs down to the cargo deck, lower level.

[12] Upper Passenger Compartment: Three double-berth passenger cabins are located on this deck.   A small airlock leads to the rear cargo area companion way and a set of steps [8] leads down to the lower passenger compartment and up to the Galley and Lounge.