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Siddhani Aysel

Position: Security Specialist

Birthplace: Sihnon

Affiliation: Independance

Age: 31

The oldest daughter of three siblings to wealthy and connected parents, Siddhani Aysel began her training as a Companion at House Vidyalaya on Sihnon at the age of twelve. She received a well-rounded education in addition to being taught dance, gymnastics, calligraphy, a number of musical instruments, and singing. Though physical discipline was instilled in every pupil, House Vidyalya stressed mental as well as spiritual discipline in the form of zen meditation and martial arts training. Siddhani was especially noted for her skill at archery and the use of the katana.

Though Siddhani was the devoted disciple and later an accomplished Companion, she had another side of her which was kept in secret. When her younger brother Galen dies fighting as a Browncoat at the outbreak of the war, Siddhani is easily recruited by an client who was sympathetic to the cause. She used her status as a Companion to gather intelligence from her Alliance clients and passed them on to the Independents. Near the end of the war, the spy ring was discovered and the client, the only person who knew of her role, committed suicide as the authorities came to arrest him. Siddhani turned in her license and left on the next available vessel headed for the Rim where for the last few years she has been using her skills and contacts as a mediator/facilitator on behalf of various parties.

Calm and serene, Siddhani is a well-grounded individual who is good-natured, caring, and nurturing to others. She possesses the wisdom of an old zen master and recognizes that for everything in life, there is a purpose…that every action has consequences, so she acts and speaks only after having all the facts. Intelligent, articulate, and strikingly beautiful, Siddhani possesses a confidence and grace in herself that projects itself as a force of presence. An artist, she tends toward surrounding herself with beautiful things yet philosophically, she understands that to have beauty there must be ugliness.

Her training as a Companion speaks for itself, though after turning in her license Siddhani does not take clients anymore. And though she is more than proficient in various martial arts, Siddhani has never experienced combat outside training. Her specialties lay in both her ability to overcome security systems and her inherent understanding of people. She is adept at using the techniques of psychotherapy to quickly establish intentional interpersonal relationships. Her ability to read people’s strengths and weaknesses in addition to having the presence of a Companion have made her invaluable as a mediator and facilitator.