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Guy Sang Ives

Position: Medic

Birthplace:Sihnon, Atawompset Mountain

Affiliation: Alliance

Age: 32

Although born on a Core world, Guy Sang Ives (pro Gey Sang Eves) comes from a small village in the highlands of Shinon, far away from the big cities. When war broke out, he was a student taking modern languages and medical administration at the New Unity College on Shinon. He was conscripted almost immediately and put into field medical training before joining his squad. If he’d volunteered he would have been an officer. Instead he stayed on the lines, learning trauma medicine the hard way – whilst being shot at, and trading shots in return. When not tending wounded, he worked in stores and, from time to time, found his way onto interrogation panels as an interpreter.

One assignment left him on the moon of Haven, protecting mining settlements there. An entire mining shift failed to come out of a mine, so the Master Sergeant went down after them. Whilst he was down the mine, an attack came out of nowhere, overwhelming the Alliance troops. Guy held off an attack on his medical station, saving the lives of the four troopers there (and one civilian woman) and giving him time to evacuate them onto a shuttle. The Shuttle was damaged and made an emergency landing. For two weeks he tended the wounded whilst waiting for rescue as battles raged around Haven between the independants and Alliance. Guy was commissioned as Lieutenant and was to go for formal training. As usual expediancies of way prevented that.  Finally he, and his patients, were rescued, but Guy has been bothered by the fanatical attack ever since and occasionally suffers brief, traumatic, flashbacks. Usually on seeing tatoo’d or mutilated persons.

He saw the war out, usually in the field stations behind the lines, or accompanying ambulance shuttles evacuating the wounded (no easy job – there was no easy way to distinguish between a gun-shuttle and an ambulance-shuttle, so they all got shot at – sometimes by both sides).

As a medic, when other troopers were discharged, Guy was retained as a Medical Officer. When his time for discharge came, it left him restless, far from home, broke and needing a job. The promised training programs to get him into a hospital were all booked up and far, far away. As a former Alliance officer, though, he had his medical certifications all up to date and finding a job on a salvage vessel (on which Alliance Regulations require a medically qualified operative) was easy enough. It just happened to be on a ship that he would have once shot at.

Guy is laid back and sometimes lazy with it, letting things coast where he can, and being bang on the mark where he knows he has to be. He has seen his dreams destroyed by the war, and the only way he will ever finish his college degrees will be with enough money. He daydreams of getting enough mulah together to buy his way back into the Osiris University Hospital where he would become a top Doctor. Realistically he knows this won’t happen, but he wants to get enough cash to buy the final exams to qualify as a independent GP instead. That takes money he doesn’t have. Greedy he may be, but he knows that hard work and graft will get him there eventually. One problem he does have. Flashbacks to the attack on Haven still haunt him. Not so much the ‘demons’ that chase him, but the endless falling afterwards (symptomatic of the shuttle crash).

That background of his causes some problems occasionally out on the rim. There’s plenty of folk out there who think he’s a snoop. Its not made easy by the fact that he usually logs onto the cortex to speak to and read the latest medical journals from the core hospitals in places like Osiris and Londinium. Or that he keeps in contact with the Veterans Administration. There’s many people think he’ll tattle on them. He’s a reminder of what folk on the rim are trying to get away from.

Guy is a trained field medic. This gives him a good grounding in trauma injuries, first aid, hygiene and preparation and basic surgery. His years after the war on garrison duties have also given him a good general medical background. The military also gave him a good grounding in certain other skills. He can handle a pistol or a rifle, can pilot a shuttle and operate ground vehicles. But perhaps his most precious asset is his natural ability with languages. Many speak Chinese as a pidgin tongue; Guy speaks it fluently, together with Mandarin, English, Russian, Japanese, French, German and many of the common, and not so common languages used across the ‘verse.