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Eileanra Quessy

Position: Medic

Birthplace: Osiris

Affiliation: Neutral

Age: 33

Her father Sebastien was a mechanic (on the Chinook, a merchant ship, owned by captain Joly) and a mother Isabelle a singer, they meet each other since Sebastien was playing guitar in his free time, so both worked together by moment. They have a children together, Eileanra (mixte of Eileen and Leanra, both grandmother names).

When she had age of 3, Isabelle meet a rich man, Richard, which could start her career seriously. Richard was easily manipulating people and finally bring Isabelle to left with him on Persephone. Eileanra came with her mother, which Richard not really appreciate. Durong the next 7 years, it was always the war between Eileanra and Richard - but since the man wanted to not have the little gitl into in project, it was perfect for him, hoping to send her in a private school far away. When Isabelle had a second baby, Vincent, Eileanra was totally forgotten andshe finaly learn that she had a father somewhere into the space, she request to live with her real father. Isabelle wasn't agreed, but Richard explained that could be more secure for their son since Eileanra seem to be a trouble-maker and could maybe act badly with the new baby by jealousy.

Eileanra arrived on the Chinook and her father welcome her with a pinky kawaii plush, named Kiki - he tried often to get contact with her previously, but was never able. She lived on the Chinook during 4 years, learning everything from her father (mechanic, poker and some music) and having a new whole familly. When he died in an accident, she wanted to stay with this people, but Isabelle bring her back on Persephone.

The next 3 years was a nightmare for Eileanra, since her step-father did everything for that. So superficial was her mother now in her high society life, Isabelle wanted she become a lady or something like, but Eileanra opposed to all this damn and borying life. In despite her mother unautorized her to pratice mechanic, she turned herself on computer and meet new friends skilled in that.

At 17 years old, while playing on computers terminals, she discovered accidently that her step-father seem have used some money gain probably illegally. Trying to figure what happened, her mother didn't want to beleive Eileanra story. Richard came later talk to the Eileanra, but after come to a fight with him, she left home and finally get back on the Chinook and do several small job to gain her life. As an mechanic assistant, she also been assigned to the cook. Unfortunatly for the crew, she had her mother skill and quiskly they removed her of this function! She didn't participated in the war directly, still working for this merchant ship.

Few  months ago, Joly get sick and had to left his ship, needing money for his medical fees, he sold ship and the new owners didn't keep the crew with the ship. So Eileanra searching for a new ship where her skill would be needed. Recently, she meet her step-brother a time on Osiris, which was now working for the Alliance, but she prefered avoid him when he called her.

Her close friend call her Lea (her father mother surname, like her father called her), she bring her father old guitar with her and sometime play alone into her room or in the enginering room. She love begin alone playing guitar or listen the noise of the enginerin into the silent, but she always ready for a poker game around the table (or any other cards game) with a drink when it is possible, which was the main time she interacted with other people.

You will never saw her wearing a dress or anything fancy which remember her too much her mother style, nor provocative. She not trust about love, since she remember how it affected her mother personality by being manipulated by her husband (Lea step-father) and no way she would change something on herself and life to the pleasure of someone else. She want to stay free and prefer have some one night adventure by moment than a long term relation.

If you gain her trust, she'll be loyal to you. Be fair, let her free of her act and not try to manipulating her or someone else around and it shouldn't be too dificult.She always saw a crew more as a family.

Primary skill is mechanic on merchant ship enginering and transportengin, minor skills on computer structure. Other skill are poker and she also know the music, from her both parent - music theoric, some piano and sing from her mother teaching, guitar from her father. This is her favorite hobby, remembering to her the moments with her father.